31 December 2008

Death to all juice!! Wait....I mean the Jooos!! Psst, how do you spell Ju?

On Sunday 28 December an anti-Israel hate fest took place in Manhattan. The following picture proves my theory that anyone who calls for the death of a whole race, regardless of the race, is a complete moron. And I apologize for insulting morons.

From Little Green Footballs: Death to All Juice: "A classic picture of numb-skulled hatred from the pro-Palestinian demonstration in Manhattan yesterday."

From Tammy Bruce: Death to the Joooooooooish Juice!: "Just above the word 'Juice' is 'Zionist' written in parenthesis. Just to make sure we know he's only against that Jewish Juice."

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Webproze said...

Typical towel-headed ignorance. At least I know how to spell camel-fucking sand scum.

Webproze said...


Seen the sign? Get the t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

B9 here ...

Ignorance abounds. He needs to put down the sign, go to a book store and pick up a dictionary. Do himself a favor.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a culture that can't build a working toilet.

Here's a question: Can you think of any religion that, in the big picture, would have been better for the world if it had never existed?

I can think of only one.



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