28 December 2008

Jewish world domination is OVER...damn, we spoke too soon!!!

[Sarcasm on]

At first I became worried. Can we really be loosing control of the world?! Are our plans for world domination really falling apart?!

The Avriani newspaper in Greece, after Obama's election, claimed that the "end of Jewish dominion" had arrived and that "everything changes in America which we hope it becomes more democratic and human."

Naturally I panicked and thought, "those sons-of-bitches are onto us!" My Jew brothers, sisters and I have been stopped in our tracks.

Thankfully, my fear abated after reading this morning's headline, from the same bunch of big dumb heads, at the same newspaper: "After the American Jews acquired once again the world's wealth and plunged the planet into an unprecedented financial crisis, they started rehearsing for WWIII."

Once again, we are in total control.

/Sarcasm off

I wonder when we'll see a headline about the Mossad knocking off Avriani's staff. Since we control the world, shutting down the Avriani should be mere child's play.

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