25 March 2010

The Unconstitutionality of the New Health Care BS.

The states and the federal government are battling over the Constitutionality of the recently passed health care reform. I'd argue that the states are correct. The federal government has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to FORCE individuals to purchase anything, save health insurance. Try not purchasing health insurance under the new bill...you will be fined and if you don't pay, men with guns will come to your front door. The government has no right to tell what I can buy (i.e. health care) or what I can't buy (i.e. firearms). I just wish these stupid bastards would stop interfering with our daily lives and let us get on with it!

I am reminded of the saying, "Ignore your rights and they will go away."

Once again, Reason magazine hits the nail on the head...

Don't buy it: The crazy constitutional logic of the individual insurance mandate.

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Mike said...

so true, thanks for blogging as well... you inspired me again!

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